FOREVER 05/23/2008

Alright, I haven't edited this thing in forever. It's summer now for me! No school! I can't believe I am completely done with elementary school. I am officially a middle schooler. So, now I can finally get hott seventh grade guys! You do not know how long I have been waiting for that. So, I'm done trying to be intimidating, that doesn't seem to work any more. And my mom is finally letting me wear short shorts! Finally! It feels like finally my life is gettign better!!!

I don't know 02/15/2008

Today I drank too much water. Now my stomach hurts. Well, I went to a concert that people literally fell asleep in. It was for school. Oh, well I get Monday off, fun, fun.

Sickness 01/26/2008

Today I am sick. I probably have strep. This sucks. Other than that, life is good. OK, I have nothing.


OK. My brother saw me on weebly. He stole the computer. So in order for me to keep editing the site, I have to tell you to visit But promise to stay with me too. Well, keep coming to Average Day.

Boredom 01/06/2008

Boredom. It lives in me every day. Why can't the world take more time to put dumb things on the web that people like me can see it and have entertainment? Please name any websites that don't get boring. I need them. Or give me things to do outside so I don't get fat. I'd like to stay small, people. My picture on the first page makes me look fat but I'm really not. Don't believe me? Well just look at Average at Random for more.

More 01/05/2008

OK. You came to my blog for more. OK. Yep. Let's just say you shouldn't expect much, nothing fancy, just simple. I'm a rebel. I don't like rules. They limit life. Who can say the sky's the limit when really you can't because ya have rules? Why can't we just chill for two seconds instead of worrying about rules? Why is life so confusing? Let's just leave it at that.

First Post! 01/05/2008
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